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Flotilla Commander
Paul Tynda

Next Flotilla Meeting
Dec 11th, 7pm
Florida Tackle and Gun Club

Our Next Flotilla Social Dinner

As we close 2018, let's all pull our oars together, focusing on finishing up a great year. Get your time and activity reported and find a way to give more support to the flotilla 2019. Don't forget fellowship and fun.

My goal for 2018 has been great fellowship with you all, fun rewarding work with public events, boat ramps VSC's and boating education classes .

We have all accepted the great responsibility of supporting the Coast Guard mission as uniformed volunteers. Let's do it with enthusiasm and a smile.

With that smile let's be sure to get our hours turned in timely , Eight Bells articles turned in to Paul Burns on a time and make sure to attend our socials and meetings in 2018.

I want to thank David Howells for taking the leadership role of VFC 2018 as he brings fresh ideas of leadership and ability to the Flotilla guiding our Staff Officers through this year.

Thank you all for letting me be your Flotilla Commander in 2018 let's all pull in the same direction once again,   Paul Tynda, McMurdo Station, Antartica

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